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The Kovacsik Method is a natural therapy, simple, however, extremely effective against cancer. It was developed by the self-taught researcher Estevam Kovacsik, who started his research in the late 1940s, and obtained his first results in the first half of the 1950s.


With his consolidated theory and countless positive results, he started, on January 1, 1960, the second phase of his work, opening the door of his home to receive all the patients who came to him. Estevam attended and healed thousands of people in his day. There began a work that continues until today, which we call Point of Service.


This work started by Estevam has defied time and has remained steadfast for decades and decades, from generation to generation in the Kovacsik family. Until, in 2008, some family members got together to take the Kovacsik Method to another level. They created AEMK, a non-profit organization designed to strengthen and disseminate the Kovacsik Method so that everyone in the world who wishes can access and benefit from it.


Unfortunately, handing it over to society has been a great challenge, which we remain steadfast to overcome. But, even so, this is a difficult fact to accept. We could never imagine that developing an effective cancer therapy would be much easier than spreading it to the world.


Cancer is a universe with thousands of information and that often seem contradictory. Although there is no effective official treatment, and you only need to look at the official statistics to understand this, it is full of scientific evidence. If we could give you advice, don't let the ignorance of some people be the limit of your knowledge.


Welcome to the AEMK website!

May he bring knowledge and hope.

All the best,

Daniel Kovacsik

AEMK President


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Who has never dreamed of ending cancer? The scientist Estevam Kovacsik not only dreamed, but studied this disease in depth and proposed an alternative way to cure this disease that afflicts millions of people. There were years of successful treatments, always free. But Estevam left without being able to fulfill his greatest desire: to hand over his studies to official organizations so that the world would be free of cancer. His great-grandson, Daniel Kovacsik, decided to complete the work and since 2005 has been dedicated to this cause. The book “A life for the end of cancer” tells the story of Estevam, as well as the adventures that Daniel lived in the search for scientific confirmation and popularization of the Kovacsik Method. Two lives and one real and amazing story.

Synopsis: Daniel is an ordinary young man from São Paulo. Since he was born he has been used to seeing cancer patients being treated and cured using a method developed by his great-grandfather, Estevam Kovacsik. This was something everyday until at one point in his life he realized that this is not the reality of the world, where millions of people die from cancer every year. This moment creates a conflict for him, who sets out on a search for the truth, reconstructing his great-grandfather's story and trying to answer two questions: does this treatment really work? And if it works, why doesn't the world know it yet?

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