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How and why to make a donation

AEMK's work is based on volunteering and many who become aware of it ask how it is possible to maintain it only with volunteers. The answer is partially simple. We divided the work in two:

1) The work of the Service Points; and 2) The work of AEMK, as the manager of the Kovacsik Method.


The creation and maintenance of Service Points are structured in 3 pillars. 1- All workers at the Service Points work on a voluntary basis. This is possible through the effort of each one to dedicate a few hours, once a week, on a day and time that least harm their personal and professional activities; 2- knowledge and support for carrying out the work are provided free of charge by AEMK; 3- A third part provides the physical space, also free of charge, to host this work. In this way, we managed to reduce the costs of servicing prints, electricity, water, etc., which are normally absorbed by the volunteers themselves or by the owner of the borrowed place. Feel free to collaborate with them too.

As the manager of the Kovacsik Method, AEMK needs an office and employees to support and maintain quality in the care of the more than 90 existing PAs and work on the implementation of many others, we need to support patients and people who seek information, we need to work in scientific research, we need to participate in congresses and publicize the work, so that it is finally known to everyone.


It is an endless list of activities, just like any other NGO or company has. The only difference between us and a company is that all the money received must be used for the social purpose determined in our bylaws.

How to make:



Through Pagseguro you can make a small monthly contribution that will make a difference in AEMK's workforce. Allowing us to have the stability to carry out our work in the best possible way. Below you can choose the amount you wish to donate to AEMK monthly.

Remember, that value makes the difference for AEMK.

R $ 10.00

R $ 20.00

R $ 30.00

Do you want to donate another monthly amount? Click here .

Do you want to donate a single amount ? Click the button below and choose the desired value.

Transferência Pix

Chave Pix: 10.315.712-0001/53

Current account deposit

Banco Itaú - 341
Agency: 0885
Current Account: 03322-5
Corporate Taxpayer ID: 10.315.712-0001
Estevam and Maria Kovacsik Association

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