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Know a little

of the history of

Estevam and his method

Estevam was born in Varzal (Varzari), a quiet village in the province of Bihar (Bihor), of the former Austro-Hungarian empire (today Romania). He was born into a peasant family in 1903. His parents were called Martin Kovacsik and Ana Karasek.

At the age of seven he moved to the province of Silagy, where he had no major changes in the family's way of life. At the age of 21 he came with his family to Brazil. After a few years of work, he saved his savings and bought a small truck and started living on freight. Later he was employed as a driver at a dealership in the automotive sector. There he remained until his retirement. Estevam retired at the age of 61 and with 35 years of continuous and uninterrupted services.

Estevam and his family initially lived in Perdizes, west of São Paulo. After marrying Maria Zvonik they moved to Jabaquara, south of Sao Paulo.

Estevam has always been a scholar. Despite not having formal education, he was always very dedicated to reading. And from that dedication he obtained his notorious knowledge about dowsing, cancer, human organism and about life as a whole.

He started his first observations that led him to research cancer in 1948. With small facts of daily life that aroused absolutely no interest for others. He dedicated his life to research for more than a decade, working from dawn until early evening at his job and into the night researching cancer. It was a long and hard endeavor to consolidate his theory of the disease's origin and develop the first formula to fight it.

After developing the first formula, he spent a few years dividing his time between employment, family, research and treatment of sick people. Until he retired in 1964 and can dedicate the rest of his life to his work with cancer.


Unfortunately he died without being able to see his work achieve its main objective, which is the donation of the Kovacsik Method to the whole of humanity so that it could benefit all those who suffer from this terrible disease worldwide.

Estevam sought scientific proof of the Kovacsik Method, offering to attend any location that was designated, to demonstrate it in full, allowing permanent monitoring and critical analysis of its methods and results. Estevam always believed that better prepared and more resourceful people could further develop their therapy and universalize it, and all interested parties could use this method.

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