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One of the pillars of our work is the dissemination of knowledge, and on this page you will find the essentials of the Kovacsik Method. Of course, there is much more to know. Feel free to visit our entire website and search the internet. There is a lot of information and stories spread around.

We also recommend knowing our history. There is no better way to understand today than to know its past. For this reason, we also posted here some media that help to understand the whole story of Mr. Estevam Kovacsik, the Kovacsik Method and AEMK.

Everything has a beginning and a reason for being.



Who has never dreamed of ending cancer? The scientist Estevam Kovacsik not only dreamed, but studied this disease in depth and proposed an alternative way to cure this disease that afflicts millions of people. There were years of successful treatments, always free. But Estevam left without being able to fulfill his greatest desire: to hand over his studies to Organs competent bodies so that the world would be free of cancer. Her great-grandson, Daniel Kovacsik, decided to complete the work and since 2005 has been dedicated to this cause. The book “A life for the end of cancer” tells the story of Estevam, as well as the adventures that Daniel lived in the search for scientific proof and popularization of the Kovacsik Method. Two lives and a real and amazing story.

Livro 1 vida


From the origin to the end of cancer

Trailer (1min3sec)

Complete documentary (104min)


Daniel is an ordinary young man from São Paulo. Since he was born he has been used to seeing cancer patients being treated and cured using a method developed by his great-grandfather, Estevam Kovacsik. This was something everyday until at one point in his life he realized that this is not the reality of the world, where millions of people die from cancer every year. This moment creates a conflict for him, who sets out on a search for the truth, reconstructing his great-grandfather's story and trying to answer two questions: does this treatment really work? And if it works, why doesn't the world know it yet?



Two key lectures to get to know the essence of the Kovacsik Method. The first addresses the theory of therapy and the significant changes in the expressions of cancer and the second addresses the trajectory of the Kovacsik Method with the government, hospitals, research centers and the press, answering the question: if it works, why have I never heard of it? Kovacsik method?

Significant changes in cancer expressions

using the Kovacsik Method

The Kovacsik Method's path

to scientific proof


Printed magazine:  

A full 2016 article on the Kovacsik Method. An example of journalism that goes deep into a subject, understands and informs society with all the security of what it says.

Click on the cover to read the full story.


TV Interview:  

In interviews like this, for TV Floripa, we are free to talk about other issues involving the Kovacsik Method, in addition to theory, practice and its results. It is extremely important to debate the political issues behind disclosure (or lack of disclosure) and ask the difficult questions.



From the beginning of the world to the end of cancer

Last but not least. The book that was, and remains, one of the main sources of information on the history of the Kovacsik Method. It was basic literature for the structuring of the Kovacsik Method, for the production of the documentary: From the origin to the end of cancer and the predecessor book: A life for the end of cancer.

It was published in 1976 by Luiz Gonzaga Salgado. He was the uncle of a young man with a hard diagnosis of cancer and who has an incredible history of recovery with the Kovacsik Method, and who remains alive and healthy today.

In gratitude Luiz Gonzada recorded Estevam's story in this book and advocated for it while he lived. There were countless attempts that he invested with the public authorities for scientific proof and the dissemination of the method in the public health system.


Unfortunately both passed away without reaching the big goal, but history is recorded here so that we never forget their deeds.

You can find this book in used bookstores.

We recommend reading from 'book 5'.

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