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The Kovacsik Method

The key to the success of the Kovacsik Method is the understanding and correct application of its theory. Within it there are two parts that stand out. The theory of the origin of cancer and what the disease really is. The importance of understanding them very well is that the entire therapeutic process is based on the isolation of the person in relation to the origin of the cancer and the elimination of the disease from the body. Only by doing both is it possible to achieve the possible results.

The Kovacsik Method has an extremely simple theory and therapeutic process, however, very effective. So don't let that simplicity stop you from knowing more and benefiting.

Below are information on the three bases of the Kovacsik Method : Theory of origin, Therapeutic process, and the main one, The correct use of the insulator.

Origin Theory

According to the scientist Estevam Kovacsik, the origin of the cancer is unique and is due to the prolonged exposure to harmful vibration coming from water veins contaminated with feces. Prolonged exposure means several hours a day, all or several days a week, for a period of approximately 2 years. The most common places of exposure are: bed, place of work or rest.

Throughout this exposure to harmful vibration, an agent appears in the person's body close to the heart and spleen region. This agent will be incubated during these two years, and then it will manifest itself in the classic forms of the disease: tumor, wound or organ dysfunction. It always tends to manifest itself for the first time in the most fragile part of the organism. For example, in the case of a smoker, the agent is more likely to manifest physically in some part of the respiratory system, especially in the lung. Men of a certain age, in the prostate. Women, usually in the breasts.

Remember the only source for cancer is exposure to harmful vibration from water contaminated with feces, the disease itself is the agent located in the region of the heart and spleen, and it will manifest for the first time, probably in the most fragile of the organism.

Teoria e origem

Therapeutic process

The therapeutic process is based on the elimination of the agent in the body, the correct use of the insulator and the necessary care for health recovery.


Eliminating the vitality of the agent is achieved by using the "U" or the Pyramid EK in conjunction with the Accelerator. The first session eliminates the vitality of the organism's agent. From this session on, the disease loses its vitality and allows the organism to recover its natural functions


that either did not work correctly, or simply did not work, during the active phase of the disease. At this moment the organism itself begins to deal with its manifestations. Since the first expectation is that the disease will no longer evolve, and may reach the complete disappearance of the manifestations.

It is important to remember that we do not promise results.


The therapy lasts for a total of 1 year. During this period, 14 sessions are held with the U and the Accelerator lasting 20 minutes each. They are done 3 times spaced one week between each, and after that, one session per month until completing one year. Depending on the case, other sessions may be recommended.

Recovery and maintenance of health is achieved with the sequence of sessions, attention to good nutrition, preservation of the body's energy by eliminating excess physical activity, thermal shocks and sea bathing, and fundamentally the correct use of the insulator .

Processo Terapeutico

The Insulator's use

The correct use of the Insulator is an essential part of the therapy. It's a metallic piece that interrupts (neutralizes) the person's contact with the harmful vibration coming from water contaminated with feces, which for the Kovacsik Method is the only source of the disease, thus allowing the effective recovery of health.


It's important to note that if the person does not use it or uses it incorrectly, it will harm or cancel the therapy. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow its guidelines for use to the letter. And it should be used for a lifetime.

We observed that if the disease is in an advanced stage, the sessions of "U" or the EK Pyramid eliminate the causative agent of the disease, but the possibility of restoring health depends on how much the disease has already compromised the vital organs of the body. However, from our experience we have observed that regardless of the stage, the person's quality of life usually improves. In extreme cases, the only benefit obtained may be the reduction of pain.

Despite our 60 years of experience, we cannot promise results.

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