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Who we are

The AEMK - Estevam and Maria Kovacsik association - was founded on June 25, 2008 by members of the Kovacsik family concerned with preserving and carrying forward the legacy left by one of us, the scientist Estevam Kovacsik, with the function of having a legal person working for your ideals.

The choice of association as a legal entity is due to the character of its concepts. An association is born out of the will of individuals who come together for a common interest. And that was how the Kovacsik Method was offered to the public in the last 60 years. It was through the efforts of several people, simple people, without any economic or political power, but who believed in the Kovacsik Method, and who got together and brought it to the present day.


The name Estevam and Maria Kovacsik is more than a mere tribute to the scientist and his wife. For us, in the association's name, Estevam represents the science and Maria represents love. We faithfully believe that science without love cannot bring real good to humanity. Our main goal is the Estevam's will, to donate the Kovacsik Method to the whole humanity in a clear and democratic way.


To achieve this goal, we follow two paths. First by promoting scientific studies on the Kovacsik Method. And second, promoting knowledge and access to the therapeutic process so that all sick people can directly benefit from it, or people who are just interested can know and understand the Kovacsik Method.

As part of our work, we ensure the correct use of MK, both scientifically and socially. Estevam's whole life involves much more than his research, it also involves his social work. Perhaps more important than his discovery, is the way he conducted his work and his dream: A cancer-free world.


He dedicated more than 40 years of his life to research and serving the public and never charged anything for his work. He has always worked for the good of others in a very democratic way. He also served everyone who sought him out regardless of his socioeconomic, racial, sexual or religious status.

Our greatest will and our strengths are aimed at making all of Estevam's ideals come true. And it is done free of charge. We also hope that the search for the good of others carried out by him and his wife Maria will be a great learning experience for the whole world.

"I would never hand over the results of my research to a private individual,

because I want to donate it to the whole of humanity, through the competent authorities,

with full knowledge of the public. "

Estevam Kovacsik

Executive Coordination

President: Daniel Kovacsik
Vice-President: Celeste Kovacsik
Administrative / Financial Coordinator: Jotacir Selim

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