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Become a volunteer

This is one of the most important and most honored parts within AEMK. We believe that voluntary work is one of the great tools that exist for the construction of conscience, conviviality and social equality, and to express love for others. Social work is important both for those who benefit directly from its results and for the person who is there to dedicate their time to an ideal. It collaborates for self-knowledge and personal growth, fitting into a society in a harmonious and integrated way.

Within a Service Point (PA) we have several functional needs. In addition to the therapist, there are several other functions that are essential for the dynamics and maintenance of work. PAs generally operate once a week. When applying for a volunteer, be clear about your time availability and, no matter how willing you are to help, it is better not to assume more than we can. Our idea is that the work is of medium to long term, and for that to happen it is important to think about your obligations and evaluate the time available for volunteering.

Fill out the form below and we will search for the best location and availability.

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